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Wholesale Customers

We want you and your customer to know where their food comes from and who grew it!

Cattle at Mitchells

“Not all ground meat is created equal. Hamburger made at a large, industrial processing plant is cobbled together from hundreds or thousands of animals, typically raised in feedlots on a corn diet and fed antibiotics. By contrast, small grass-fed beef farmers across the country have an enormous amount of good ground meat to sell.” – Brian Halweil and Danielle Nierenberg, NY Times, 6/2012

From our mountain environment to the farmers who raise our cows, we believe in Grayson Natural Farms. We are proud of our operation and are confident that showing our customers where their food came from will make them proud of Grayson Natural Farms, too.

At the heart of Grayson Natural Farms are family-run beef producers that offer premium, locally raised, and sustainable all natural, grassfed beef. Because we are fundamentally comprised of family farmers, our company is small enough to establish a personal relationship with a handshake, yet big enough to supply our customers with professional consistency and flexibility. We consistently provide premium, all natural, grassfed beef to various customers who range from individual families to restaurants and universities. No matter the size of your order, we are confident in the quality of our all natural, grassfed beef and offer our customers an ongoing guarantee of Grayson Natural Farms products.

Grayson Natural Farms offers Premium 100% Grassfed Ground Beef for wholesale buyers including restaurants, butcher shops, distributors, and institutional foodservice providers. We are able to supply a range of customers, are committed to transparency, and hold a number of third-party food safety certifications as outlined below.

1. We supply customers ranging from restaurants and butcher shops to universities and hospitals with USDA inspected all natural, grassfed beef and can effectively scale production to meet our customer’s needs with a guaranteed commitment to consistency, quality and flexibility.

2. We are committed to transparency in our operations and work with an Animal Welfare Approved, certified humane processor to ensure our commitment to sustainable, humane, and all natural farming practices is met.

3. We hold third-party food safety certifications in order to achieve approved vendor status. Grayson Natural Farms works with a federally inspected processing facility, has completed a detailed audit required by national foodservice providers, and has received supplementary certification for food safety and quality assurance as required by an international food service provider to universities and other institutions.