Grayson County farmland has been in Gary Mitchell’s family for seven generations. An entrepreneurial spirit, and a dedication to farm preservation and animal husbandry, runs deep. At thirteen years old, Gary’s daughter Mary borrowed money to purchase cows for her school 4H project. Lucas, Gary’s son, took on a three-year loan to buy his first five cows. Through a family effort, the Mitchell’s have created a mindful, thriving farm business that provides them the opportunity to produce wholesome, grass-fed beef for our customers.

Grayson Natural Farm’s fresh beef business began modestly in 2008 by selling 5 head a week to restaurants in Virginia and DC. Today? We’re servicing some of the Mid-Atlantic’s finest retailers with our wholesome, nutrient dense beef. We operate under a few basic tenets of caring for our neighbors, our land, and our health by first caring for our animals. What results is some of the best tasting, most nutrient dense beef available from our families to yours.

If have any questions for our team about our policies or processes, OR you would just like to see some of our products available near you, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!