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About Our Beef

At Grayson Natural Farms, all of our cattle are born and raised in the mountains surrounding Grayson County, Virginia. Our sustainable, family farms allow us to focus on our animals in order to supply our customers with the best and the safest all natural, grassfed beef. Our farmers know that cattle should develop at their natural pace in a natural environent and that returning to the simplest, most natural processes will provide you with the best tasting meat, just like folks enjoyed generations ago.

Who We Are

At Grayson Natural Farms we raise food the way it was meant to be raised – in sunshine and fresh air! 

We are Farmers. We are small town people that want to look you in the eye, shake your hand, and know that we have established a relationship we can both count on. Purchasing products from local farms just makes sense.

Grayson Natural Farms cattle are born and raised on our family farms in the mountains in and around Grayson County Virginia. They are grown on our family-owned farms for the purpose of supplying our customers the best and safest all-natural 100% grass fed beef.

Why Choose Us?

We’re capable of supplying small or large customers: We’re dedicated to satisfying smaller local customers, larger metropolitan area restaurants, and institutional customers.
Our ability to expand production: Protocols are established that set procedures that neighboring farmers must complete to allow them to sell through Grayson Natural Farms. This is done to ensure a consistent, quality product. Many of our neighbors are very interested and are beginning to follow our health, productions, and genetics protocols.
The Availability of Marketing Materials: Grayson Natural Farms has the ability and desire to share our story and experiences.
Our third party food safety certifications: Grayson Natural Farms, in order to become an approved vendor, has completed a detailed audit required by a national foodservice provider.
Our Consistency, Quality, and Flexibility

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